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About Us

A team of engineers having a multitude of experience in the HVAC industry formed UrbaneTek to solve the present lack of technical expertise in the industry and help you with a hassle free life cycle operation of the systems along with an amazing customer experience helping you to remain cool even before the systems are installed

Why UrbaneTek

Air Conditioning has become an integral part our lives. In todays time when temperatures are soaring and the air quality is degrading to great extent air conditioning is still perceived simply as controlling temperatures. Whereas temperature controlling is just one part of air conditioning.

Air conditioning includes many other factors like maintaining the air quality, humidity, proper circulation of air and temperature so the the user is comfortable. In todays time any untrained person is taking up the job for Air conditioning, which leads to many problems which inturn results in poor air quality unknowingly affecting users health and causing frequent machine breakdowns.

We at UrbaneTek consisting of a team of engineers understand Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) as a Science in itself.We put design at the forefront of every project studying the technical aspects before installation to provide the perfect solutions to your HVAC needs.

For every project we focus on the life cycle costs which includes the installation costs, operation costs and the maintenace cost together, rather than just the first cost


  • Design Integration
  • Multibrand Dealers
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Prompt Service

Our Services

We provide services from the incipient stage of designing part through the entire life cycle with Maintenance contracts so that the systems functions at its optimum.

Multibrand AC Sales

We are Multibrand dealers of Splits, Casettes, Ductables, and VRV/VRFs thus providing unbiased HVAC solutions to clients


At UrbaneTek we consider Service as an integral part of the sale. Our team of trained technicians provide effictive solutions to all your problems. So leave all the worries to us.

Maintenance Contracts

Many components in your instrument degrade over time even when not being used. Some degraded parts will cause other parts to fail. Just like any machine, keep it in good shape and it will serve you well for many years. We provicde Annual and Comprehensive Maintenance Contracts (AMC/CMC) to help your machine run trouble free for years.

HVAC Consultancy

We integrate design in all our projects taking into consideration all aspects of air Conditioning to provide you with the perfect solution. We also support architects and interior designers in designing HVAC part of the projects

Why Us?

Our involvement does not end with commissioning and handing over an installation to you. We know that regular, effective maintenance is essential to keep the installation running smoothly. Also, when a problem occurs, it has to be rectified promptly. Come experience a new world of customer commitment.

Design Integration

We integrate design into every design so that systems are located at the correct places providing optimum cooling and minumum energy consumption.

Multibrand Dealers

We are multibrand dealers helping you make an unbiased solution for your airconditioning needs.

Engineered Solutions

Our team of engineers make sure the solutions provided are taking into to consideration the science of HVAC and also the ground reality.

Cutomer Satisfaction

Make way for a brand new customer experience.At UrbaneTek we consider your problems as ours.

Our Clients

We have a plethora of clients from a diverse industry base. We have been able to grow exponetially because of our seamless service due to our core expertise from design to execution.Some of our esteemed clients

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UrbaneTek provides the best service in the industry. We are passionate about our products as well as our customers and it shows in the level of service that we provide. We're always happy to help to find solutiont to your needs. If a solution doesnt already exist, we'll create a new solution that resoloves your issue. Contact us for a exhilarating experience.

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